Roll Combo

Sushi Combo

From the sushi bar

                                         all meals are served with miso soup & salad

Vegetable Roll combo * 14

6pcs avocado roll.

6pcs cucumber roll

6pcs asparagus roll


Maki Combo* 15

6pcs California roll

6pcs tuna roll

6pcs salmon roll


Spicy Roll Combo* 16

6pcs spicy California roll

6pcs spicy tuna roll

6pcs spicy salmon roll







Sushi A* 22.

8pcs of chef’s choice nigiri & 6pcs  California roll


Sushi B* 24.

10pcs of chef’s choice nigiri & 6pcs California roll

Sushi & Sashimi Combo

Sashimi Combo


Sashimi A* 25

15pcs of chef’s choice of fresh raw fish


Sashimi B* (for 2) 60

35pcs of chef’s choice of fresh raw fish


Salmon Sashimi* 26

12pcs of fresh salmon


Tuna Sashimi* 28

12pcs fresh tuna


Yellow tail Sashimi* 28

12pcs fresh yellowtail


Tuna & Salmon Sashimi* 27.

6pcs of fresh tuna & 6pcs of fresh salmon









Sushi & Sashimi A* 27

7pcs of chef’s choice nigiri,

9pcs of chef’s choice of fresh raw fish,

6pcs  California roll


Sushi & Sashimi B (for 2)* 65

10pcs of chef’s choice nigiri,

17pcs of chef’s choice of fresh raw fish,

Chef's choice special roll


Salmon combo* 15

2pcs salmon nigiri,

2pcs sashimi,

6pcs salmon avocado roll


Tuna combo* 17

2pcs tuna nigiri,

2pcs sashimi,

6pcs tuna avocado roll


Yellowtail combo* 19

2pcs yellowtail nigiri,

2pcs sashimi,

6pcs yellowtail roll



Sushi Bowl





Spicy Chirashi (Hae Dup Bap)* 17.
(miso soup only)

Variety of raw fish with fresh vegetable, rice

& spicy sauce on the side


Chirashi* 25

Variety of fresh raw fish over rice


Tekka Don* 25

Fresh tuna over rice


Una Don 25

Broiled eel over rice


Sake Don* 22

Fresh salmon over rice



*These items are served raw or undercooked Consuming raw or  undercooked meats,

 poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

**All prices are subject to change without notice


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