Chicken Teriyaki 12.

Broiled boneless chicken breast

glazed with teriyaki sauce


Beef Teriyaki 14.

Broiled NY strip steak glazed with teriyaki sauce


Salmon Teriyaki 13.

Broiled salmon glazed with teriyaki sauce


Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura 11.

Lightly battered & deep fried 2pcs shrimp & vegetables


Chicken Yakisoba 11.

Japanese thin noodle stir-fried

with chicken & vegetables

(sub beef or shrimp $13)


Ton Katsu 13.

Lightly battered & deep fried Japanese style pork cutlet


Bulgogi 12.

Thinly sliced beef & vegetables marinated in Korean BBQ sauce

*These items are served raw or undercooked Consuming raw or  undercooked meats,

 poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

All meals are served with miso soup & salad

Stir fried rice with vegetables.

Vegetable 10.

Chicken 12.

Beef 14.

Shrimp 14.

LUNCH SPECIALS  Monday - Friday

                                     (11:30AM - 2:30pm except Holidays)

From the Sushi bar

Kana Special Roll Lunch* 10.

Chef’s choice of special roll


Sushi Lunch* 13.

5pcs chef’s choice of nigiri & 6pcs California roll


Sashimi Lunch* 16.

12pcs chef’s choice of fresh raw fish


Sushi & Sashimi Lunch* 16.

6pcs chef’s choice nigiri &

6pcs chef’s choice fresh raw fish



From the Kitchen
(Gluten free options available)

Fried Rice (Served only w/ soup)

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